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Electronics Suppliers

Where to get the best deals on all your electronics

By Sam Zimmer   Posted Thu Jan 8, 2015 - 04:03

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get all the electronic supplies and components we need from one place? Unfortunately, no such place exists, which is why we are bringing you this list so you know where to buy everything at the best price! Arduino's, shields, boards, LEDs, resistors, switches, tools and more.

Tayda Electronics ( Need basic components? This is the place to shop. Stuff is uber cheap, and you can get parts in high quantities without paying high prices. I'm pretty sure they are based in Tailand and shipping is pretty cheap. Note: there is a $5 minimum order. Here's some of the stuff you can get from here:

  • LED's ($0.02)
  • Resistors ($0.01)
  • Transistors ($0.02)
  • Voltage regulators ($0.09-0.40)
  • Tactile switches ($0.04)
  • Male headers 40 pin ($0.15)

Smart-Prototyping: ( This is without doubt the best place to order custom circuit boards (hence prototyping). They also offer small ICs Arduino boards, and tools. They used to be in Germany, but are now located in Shenzen. Shipping isn't too bad for the cheapest option, but it might take a while

  • PCBs ($9.99 for 10 5cm by 5cm boards)
  • They have good displays (touch) and led displays for under $15
  • Lots of good sensors
  • Cheap RFID equipment (<$6)
  • Kits - Check this out for $9.99:
  • Multimeter ($9.99)
  • Soldering+Hot air station ($69.99)

DealeXtreme ( This place has EVERYTHING! Tons of Arduino's, cheap shields and adapter boards, and components. You can get an Arduino for $7! Check out the entire category under Electrical & Tools then go to Arduino & SCM

  • 3.2" Touch screen ($20.00)
  • Arduino copy ($7)
  • liFANTASTIC kits for cheap with TONS of stuff
  • Wireless 2-way transceiver ($2.22)! (These are excellent and cheap wireless communication methods
  • Breadboards & jumpers for cheap

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